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                    - MULAK RAJ ANAND



Q.1. What was the age difference between Chandu and the narrator?

Ans. It was six months. Chandu was senior to the narrator. Chandu was senior to the narrator by about six months.


Q.2. Why did the narrator consider Chandu the embodiment of perfection for him?

Ans. Because Chandu could make and fly paper kites of complicated design and balance. It is because Chandu could make and fly kites of such intricate design and of such balance as the narrator could never achieve.


Q3. Why was Chandu not good at doing sums at school?

Ans. Because he went to learn the work of a barber. Chandu was not good at doing sums because he remained busy in hereditary profession of the barber’s caste. He had no time to do his home task which the teacher gave them.


Q.4. Why did the narrator's mother constantly dissuade him to play with Chandu?

Ans. Because Chandu was a lower caste Barber’s son. She dissuaded the narrator from playing with Chandu because Chandu was a low-caste barber's son.


Q.5. What does the narrator tell us about Chandu's dress?

Ans. Chandu wore a khaki shorts, black velvet coat and a round felt cap. Chandu move a mixture of different clothes - a. pair of khaki shorts, a frayed black velvet waist coat, and a round felt cap.


Q.6. What did Chandu tell the narrator about Kalan Khan's appearance?

Ans. He was a young man with parted hair, dressed in a shirt, a black coat and a wonderful rubber coat. Chandu described the appearance of Kalan Than, a young man with hair parted on one side, dressed in a starched shirt, with an ivory collar and a bow tie, a black coat and striped trousers, and a wonderful rubber overcoat and pumps.


Q.7. Why did Vijay Chand, the landlord turn Chanda out of his house?

Ans. Because he was defiling (pollute) his house with a leather bag of cow-hide. Vijay Chand turned Chandu out of his house. He told Chandu that by bringing a leather bag of cow-hide, and a coat of some animal marrow, he had defiled his religion.


Q.8. What did the Sahukar think about Chandu's wearing clothes like a doctor?

Ans. The Sahukar abused and warned him not to wear the clothes of hospital people. He called Chandu a swine and told him not to go about disguising himself as a clown in the defiled clothes of the hospital folk.


Q.9. Why had the landlord summoned Pandit Parmanand?

Ans. To discuss the unholy emergency in which Chandu had worn a doctor’s dress. The landlord had summoned Pandit Parmanand to discuss the unholy emergency i.e. the increasing intimacy increasing between the narrator and Chandu.


Q.10. What types of woman was Chandu's mother?

Ans. She was an ill-mannered woman from the lower caste. Chandu's mother was an ill-tempered woman. She a low caste woman, dared to see the upper caste people as they never dared to see themselves.


Q.11.How did Chandu's mother treat the narrator?

Ans. She was very kind to him and spoke to him in a joking manner.  She was always very kind to the narrator though she spoke to him too in a teasing manner.


Q.12. Why did Chandu decide to go on strike?

Ans. Because upper class people insulted and abused him. He received a raw deal at the hand of village elders whom he called orthodox idiots. He wanted to teach them a lesson. So he decided to go on strike.


Q.13. Why did chandu decide to buy a bicycle?

Ans. Chandu had a sharp brain. He decided to shave people and earn money by giving home service. He decided to buy a bicycle with a view to going to town on it every day.

Q.14. Why had the men gathered in the Sahukar's shop?

Ans. They had gathered to discuss the situation which had arisen because of Chandu’s strike. Chandu had gone on strike against the orthodox village elders. The man gathered in the Sahukar's shop to discuss the future course of action against Chandu.


Q.15. How did Sahukar look without being trimmed by the barber?

Ans. He was looked like a leper. He looked like a leper with the brown tinge of tobacco on his walrus moustache.


Q.16. What jokes became popular in every home and why?

Ans. Jokes about the unclean beard of the elders became popular. Landlord’s young wife threatening to run away because of his shabby appearance. Jokes about the unkempt beards of the elders of the village became popular in every home. It is because Chandu went on strike against them. He refused to visit their homes for the purpose of shaving their beards.


Q.17. What was the reason of the rumour that the landlord’s wife had threatened to run away with someone else?

Ans. Because of with unclean beard, the landlord was looking very bad. The reason was that she was younger than her husband by twenty years. She had borne with him as long as ' he kept himself in trim. But now she was disgusted with him beyond the limits of reconciliation.


Q.18. Why did the village elders threaten Chandu?

Ans. They threatened Chandu to send him prison for his offences and misconduct. They wanted to force him somehow to obey them.


Q.19. Name the union that gave birth to many other unions in the town?

Ans. Rajkot District Barber Brother’s Hairdressing and Shaving Saloon.  The name of the union was `Rajkot District Barber Brothers' Hair dressing and shaving saloon.


Ans1 Chandu is the main character of the story ‘The Barber’s Trade Union’ written by Mulk Raj Anand. All the incidents of the story revolve around him. He is an interesting character. Chandu was a barber boy. He was a close friend of writer. He was not good at doing sums. He went to learn the work of barber after school. He was an expert of making kites. He had a sharp mind. He was a member of low caste. Upper caste people often abused him. He made a barber’s union. Chandu was a self-respecting, hardworking and brave man. He bought a cycle and started shaving people in the town. He set up a barber’s shop. He leaves a deep impact upon our mind. This character has many colours of human life.


Ans2 The writer was thrilled to see him. But the landlord became angry. The village Sahukar also insulted him. He said that he should wear only cheap clothes which suit his class.


Ans3 Chandu’s mother is an interesting character of the story. She was about sixty years old. She was an ill-tempered lady. She belonged to low caste and dared to see high class people in her own way. She was always kind to narrator. She loved her son. When Chandu started shaving people in the town and earned more money, she became happy.


Ans4 Chandu was the son of a barber. When the village elders insulted him. He decided to teach him a lesson. He bought a second hand cycle. He started going to the city to shave people there. He told that he was on a strike. He stopped shaving the village people. All looked funny because of their unshaved faces. He opened a shop. And they came to his shop.


Chandu was a barber boy. He was the narrator's friend. He was an expert in catching wasps and making kites. He belonged to low caste. Once Chandu was dressed like a doctor. The so called upper caste people insulted him. He decided to teach them a lesson. He stopped going to people's home. He bought a cycle and started shaving people in the town. He set up a barber's shop. Now the people had to come to his shop to get their hair cut and shaving beard. In the end they formed a union called ‘Rajkot District Barber Brothers’ Hairdressing and Shaving Saloon' trade union.



Points to remember


1)      The writer of the story is Mulk Raj Anand.

2)      Chandu was a barber boy.

3)      He belonged to a low caste.

4)      Narrator belonged to high caste.

5)      But he was ashamed of his caste mark.

6)      Chandu was narrator's best friend.

7)      He was elder to narrator by six months.

8)      He was an expert in catching wasps.

9)      He was an expert in making and flying paper kites.

10)    He was not good in doing sums.

11)He was better in reciting poetry.

12)Narrator's mother did not like Chandu.

13)    Chandu's mother was of quarrelsome nature.

14)    Narrator wore tight trousers, gold work shoes and a silk turban.

15)Chandu wore multi coloured clothes.

16)Chandu went to shave the notable people in the village.

17)The landlord's name was Bijay Chand.

18)Chandu started going to town riding on the footrest of Lala Hukam Chand's carriage. 19)Narrator walked three miles to go to school.

20)Chandu always liked the dress of Dr. Kalan Khan.

21)One day Chandu dressed himself like a doctor.

22)    Narrator was very happy to see him.

23)    But landlord, sahukar and pandit insulted him.

24)He decided not to do their hair cut.

25)    He bought a bicycle and started going to town.

26)    In town he met barber Nringan Das, barbers of Verka and barber Dhunoo.

27)They made a barbers’ union.

28)'Rajkot District Barber Brothers’ Hairdressing and Shaving Saloon'