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Q.1. Where was the Modern Frame Works' situated?

Ans. It was situated between a drug store and a radio repair shop. 'The Modern Frame Works' was situated on unsteady legs between a drug store and a radio repair shop.


Q.2. Who was the owner of 'The Modern Frame Works’?

Ans. Datta was the owner. Mr. Datta was the owner of 'The Modern Frame Works'.


Q.3. What were the walls of this shop covered with?

Ans. The walls of the shop were covered with pictures of Gods, hockey players, children, leaders etc.  The walls of the shop were covered with pictures of gods, saints, hockey players, children, national leaders, wedding couples, cheap prints of Monalisa etc.


 Q.4. What did the customer want?

Ans. The customer wanted a picture of his grandfather to be framed. The customer wanted the picture of an old man framed.


Q.5. What types of frames did Datta show to the customer?

Ans. Datta showed a number of plain, decorative, thin, floral frames.  Datta showed him different frames - plain, wooden, lacquer, gold, plastic and just enamel painted.



Q.6. What did Datta do to help the customer make his choice?

Ans. Datta helped the customer to slect one frame with gold leaves.  Datta recommended a frame which had a large number of gold leaves and winding creepers on it. He added that it was German and imported. The customer was impressed by it.


Q.7. What price did Datta quote for the frame selected by his customer?

Ans. The price was Rupees seventeen. Datta quoted seventeen rupees in all.


Q.8. What was Datta's experience about his customers?

Ans. They never cane in time to collect the photo frames. Datta had learnt by long experience that his customers never came punctually. Some come in advance, some came later and some did not come at all.


Q.9. For whom did Datta make frames?

Ans. Datta made frames for those who wanted to pay homage to their dear ones. Datta made frame for those who came to him and visited him twice before he actually executed their orders.


Q.10. How, did the photograph get damaged?

Ans. A tin of white paint was fallen on it. A tin containing white enamel paint fell on the photograph. To remove the paint, Data rubbed the picture so hard that the photograph was damaged.


Q.11. How did he try to rescue the picture?

Ans. He tried to rub off the paint from the picture, with a piece of cloth. He tried to rescue the picture by rubbing it hard with a piece of cloth.


Q.12. What solution did Datta finally come up with?

Ans. Datta changed the picture of grandfather of the customer, with another similar one. Datta took out a similar photograph from a wooden box. He framed it suitably and made it ready for the customer. There was a great risk involved in it.


Q.13. Why were the days that followed filled with suspense and anxiety?

Ans. Datta feared that customer would angry with him as he would catch his risk. It is because after a couple of days the customer was to come to take the framed photograph. Dana feared that his bungling might be detected by the customer.

Q.14. What effect did the picture have on the customer?

Ans. The customer was stunned to see the frame. The customer could not know that it was not the picture of his grandfather. His only complaint was that the picture was not framed according to his order.


Q.15. What was customer's complaint regarding the frame?

Ans. He told that Datta had given him a square frame instead of the oval shape, gold frame. His complaint was that he had asked for a cut mount with an oval shape but the frame used is square.


Ans1 Data is the main character of the story ‘The Gold Frame’ written by R.K. Laxman. He is an interesting character. Data was a frame maker. He was the owner of ‘The Modern Frame Works’. He was a thin, silent and hard-working man. He gave only short answers. He understood his customers well. He never told a lie. He leaves a deep impact upon our mind.

Ans3 Data learnt that his customers never came punctually. Some of them came in advance others came months later. But the new customer was diferent. He wanted the best frame for his photo. He wanted the framed picture to be delivered on the promised date.

Ans4 Data found a photograph which resembled with the photo of the old man. He framed it. This idea worked for him. The customer only objected on the frame that Data had used the square frame instead of the oval frame.




Datta was a frame maker. He was the owner of Modern Frame Works. He was a silent and hard working man. Once Datta had to deliver a frame to a new customer. Unluckily he spoiled the photograph. He decided to find a similar photograph and frame it. He found a similar photo from the box. He framed it in a golden frame. The customer came and Datta gave the framed photo to the customer. The customer was very impressed by the beauty of gold frame. He only complained about the shape of the frame.



Points to remember


1)      The writer of the lesson is R.K. Laxman.

2)      Datta was a frame maker. He was a thin man with dark complexion.

3)      He wore silver rimmed glasses.

4)      The name of his shop was 'Modern Frame Works'.

5)      The shop was an extra-large wooden packing case.

6)      It was situated between a medical shop and a radio repair shop.

7)      It was full of cardboard pieces, bits of woods, nails, glue, paint boxes etc.

8)      There were pictures of saints, gods, players etc.

9)      The customer wanted to get his grandfather's photo framed.

10)    Datta suggested him a gold frame.

11)    Its cost was Rs. 17.

12)    The photo got damaged with white enamel paint.

13) He replaced the photo with another old man's photo.

14)The customer did not recognise the trick.

15)He complained about the shape only.

16)He wanted an oval frame.

17)But Datta had used a square frame.